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Our present is your future!  Science Education provides a top notch preservice preparation program and quality graduate work to further teacher practitioners' content and pedagogy.

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Tuesday, Dec 20, 2016
Integrating Crosscutting Concepts in Iowa Science Classrooms-A Professional Development Program for Iowa Secondary Science Teachers

Integrating Crosscutting Concepts in Iowa Science Classrooms (ICCISC) is a three-year professional development program to help Iowa’s secondary science teachers develop standards-aligned curricula that engages, excites, and educates students in science and other STEM-related fields using research-based teaching methods. ICCISC will initially target 24 current secondary science teachers who are working to align their curricula to meet the essential concepts and skills of the Iowa Core and/or NGSS. Participating teachers will learn how crosscutting concepts are used in different domains of science, how the crosscutting concept can be used to create coherence across secondary science curricula to improve student learning, and how to design curricula using a backward design approach to address the crosscutting concept in their courses. The ICCISC program is a collaboration between UNI, Great Prairie AEA, Heartland AEA, AEA 267, and Grant Wood AEA as well as Cedar Rapids and Sioux City CSDs. Partnerships with other Iowa AEAs and CSDs are possible with their teachers being able to participate including those from both public and private schools.

Tuesday, Dec 20, 2016
Acquisition of Carver Charitable Grant Trust

UNI Science Education was recently awarded a Carver Charitable Trust grant to expand and update the FOSS science kits consistent with the Iowa Core and the Next Generation Science Standards for checkout to teachers through the SERC beginning the 2015-16 academic year. Funds from the grant will also provide workshops for teachers to be able implement the kits in their classrooms beginning the summer of 2015.

Please click on the following link for details about our 2016 UNI Science Education Update Conference: