Monitoring Progress Through Program ("Academic Requirements")

Upon admission to the MA in Science Education Program an official Advisement Report is automatically created in MyUNIverse and can be accessed through Student Center under the “Academic Requirements” drop down menu selection.  The on-line version can be downloaded to a PDF which is formatted slightly differently, but contains the same information. 

The Academic Requirements Report lists all five required core courses, research hours, and initially designates non-thesis program.  Students who chose to pursue the thesis option can change this on their program through a student request.

Elective courses which carry a BIOL, CHEM, EARTHSCI, or PHYSICS prefix, will automatically be applied to "Science Content Electives (LN-020)."  Elective courses which carry a SCI ED pre-fix will automatically be applied to "Education or Science Education Electives (LN-030)."  Movement of these courses between these classifications in order to satisfy graduation requirements is done via student request in consultation with your advisor. Student requests can be filed multiple times over the course of program completion as different courses are taken.

Transfer courses are only applied to the advisement report after an official transcript is received and a student request is filed.

A Sample “Academic Requirements” report in pdf format is shown here with specific features and information highlighted.